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McAllen Construction Site Accident Lawyers

Construction work is dangerous work. And the reality is that construction sites are amongst the most dangerous places to work. Carelessness co-workers or negligent subcontractors and suppliers cause debilitating accidents to happen every day.  Oil platforms, both on and off shore, gas pipelines, and building sites are all dangerous venues.  These jobs are often associated with catastrophic accidents. If you have been seriously injured and cannot work, help may be available to you. Texas law allows people injured because of the negligence of another to sue for compensation.
Many accidents are construction sites result from the failures of companies to comply with safety regulations established by OSHA. Still other accidents are caused by poor training of co-workers or subcontractors who are employed at the same job site.
McAllen Personal Injury Lawyer Johnathan Ball helps people who are injured at contraction sites, include oil platforms both on and off shore, gas pipelines, and building sites.  Johnathan ball will work to obtain help for you to cover medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering you may have incurred.  Contact McAllen Personal Injury Lawyer Johnathan Ball today to determine if you have a case.