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Drunk Driving Crashes

A person does not have to drink much alcohol to reach a .08 blood alcohol level.  Just a few beers is enough.  At this level, the law says you are an intoxicated driver.  An intoxicated driver is a dangerous driver. Intoxicated drivers have less ability to control the car they are operating.
Drunk driving is a serious problem that injuries and kills countless people every day. Driving a vehicle after drinking alcohol is irresponsible and negligent.  Disastrous consequences  for people and their families can occur when a person drives a vehicle after drinking. Injured people and the family members of those killed by a drunk drivers can file a personal injury lawsuit or a wrongful death lawsuit to obtain help for hospital bills, funeral expenses and pain and suffering caused by  injuries and death of the loved one.
McAllen Personal Injury Attorney Johnathan Ball helps victims drunk drivers obtain payment for the injuries, medical expenses, and lost income they incur when injured in a drunk driving accident.  If you or a loved one have suffered injuries or the death caused by a drunk driver, contact McAllen Personal Injury Attorney Johnathan Ball to learn if you have a case.