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The trucking industry is regulated by very strict guidelines.  The strictness of these guidelines  require a skilled attorney to identify the trucking infractions at the time of the accident.  These infractions could include violations of proper and updated maintenance logs, driver’s length of time behind the wheel or whether the truck was over weight.  
Thousands of people are involved in crashes with 18-wheel each year.  The 18-wheeler’s inability to stop quickly when it needs to is the reasons accidents with these large vehicles usually result in serious injuries or death.  Poor maintenance of the truck and even driver inattention can be the cause of these serious crashes. 
If you or a family member is a victim of an 18-wheel commercial vehicle accident, you may be entitled to a financial recovery for your physical injuries, emotional distress, the costs associated with your medical treatment, economic losses and more.  Allow McAllen Personal Injury Lawyer Johnathan Ball to identify all the potential infractions that the trucking company or truck driver may have violated in your accident